Funfair in Lippstadt attracts many visitors

Funfair Lippstadt: The funfair in Lippstadt is a traditional event. It is called „Lippstädter Herbstwoche“ and marks the undisputed highlight in the calendar of events and therefore attracts many visitors from other citys, too. The funfair takes place from the 14th to 22nd October 2017. The varied program offers numerous roundabouts, sideshows, stalls and food.

Traditionally, the fair is officially initiated through an idyllic lantern ride, an atmospheric water organ and a spectacular firework which is the highlight of the funfair. The varied entertainment program ensures a lively atmosphere. Great music accompanies the event. The hustle and bustle in the numerous pubs are typical for this week, but it also has its own flair.

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Funfair in Lippstadt for hotel guests

The entire city center turns into a big fairground. Popcorn and candy will be consumed. The various cultural events complement the presence of stall holders on the funfair. Everywhere in the city you can see colorful lights. For music lovers, there are of course live music and DJs, which offers the people a varied music program. For those who love to ride on fairground carousel, it is worth on join the happy hour on Wednesday to get even more fun for the money paid.

Not only the “Lippstädter Herbstwoche” makes it worth to go to Lippstadt, because there are several other activities and events in and surrounding Lippstadt. If you plan a longer stay or just a short visit of this town, we can help you finding an accommodation. We, the team of Agentur für Zimmervermittlung, will find the best deals for your stay in Lippstadt. We wish you a great stay and much fun with the funfair “Lippstädter Herbstwoche” in Lippstadt.

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(foottoo/ hotels close to the funfair in Lippstadt

(foottoo/ hotels close to the funfair in Lippstadt