Airport accommodations near Lippstadt

Airport Lippstadt/Paderborn: The Airport Paderborn-Lippstadt is the closest one to Lippstadt. On average 850.000 people use the airport to come to Germany or fly to another country. Not only tourists are coming to germany, also businessman regularly arrive in Paderborn and are searching for an overnight stay. The aerodrome doesn’t only take a bearing of touristic aims but also of the centres of economy. You only have a short way to the parking space, arrival hall or the public transport. The airport in Paderborn is not just for travellers. It is also good for adventure flights, for example for weddingflights with a 360° panorama view.

airplane in Lippstadt

(Bychykhin Olexandr/ airplane in Lippstadt


Cheap stays close to the airport

There are a lot restaurants or cafés to find there. If you are searching for an accommodation close to the airport, we are there to help you. We like to support you to find the closest and best hotel, holiday flat, apartment or boarding house. Our service is fast, easy and for free. Even though you have a special desire of an accommodation, it is no problem for us to comply with your desire.

Paderborn isn’t the end of your journey? You only have to wait here for your next flight? Then our service suggests an hours hotel. There you can book a room only for a short time. So maybe you have to wait six hours until your next flight then you can book it for this six hours to get new power. If you are searching for an accommodation near Paderborn in a pension, boarding house, hotel or in a holiday flat, you will get help from the agency of Zimmervermittlung. For more information you can call us or contact us via e-mail.

The agency of Zimmervermittlung hopes that our guests are contented with our services!

father and son at the airport

(Aleksei Potov/ father and son at the airport

(Sergey Furtaev/ help you finding the right accommodation close to the airport

(Sergey Furtaev/ We help you finding the right accommodation